ABOUT The Fungus

What do you do
when a giant hipster Fungus hijacks your life?

'The Humongous Fungus' is a children's tale in the great tradition of high-stakes surrealist comedy. (Young Ones, Mighty Boosh, Scrubs or The Goodies.) - An odd-couple, coming-of-age story about the power of creativity to transform.

Demographic: Family audiences, & children 7-12 (tweens).

Created by: Kyls Burtland, Heavenly Antennas, 2013.

Scripts, bible & trailer availlable request.
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George is a geeky misfit in the tumble-dryer of school life.  Now in his first year at high school, George is forced to play Tuba, the least cool instrument in the known universe in the brutal culture that is school wind-band.  Bullied by Rufus & Ricky, the band's trumpet stars, and exposed to ridicule through the misguided help of his tomboy-sister, Lilly, George wishes he could just disappear.
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When George refuses to clean out the Tuba an alchemical reaction occurs in its bell, and the Humongous Fungus is born.  Fungus is a primal force-of-nature in the garb of a hipster Rock-God.  With no boundaries, social etiquette or consequences,  reality bends like putty in the Fungus's hands. What follows is a culture-clash of monumental proportions.  Fungus hijacks the stuffy George on a wild-ride of ever-escalating chaos into a world of visual & conceptual paradox. Could this spell the end for George's tightly-buttoned world? - or could it just be the making of him!